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Take your harvest to the Extreme with the all-new 19-Series XTREME grain cart from Unverferth. Featuring an exclusive front-folding, single corner-auger with a forward reaching design, the 19-Series lineup of grain carts positions the downspout up to 6' ahead of the hitch for an enhanced line of sight from the tractor cab. The upper auger folds diagonally across the front of the grain cart, permitting a longer upper auger which increases side reach and height. The all-new four-way downspout features an increased range of motion for added operator convenience. Available in 1330, 1100 and 1000 bushel carrying capacities with unloading speeds up to 650 bushels per minute! The Unverferth 19-Series XTREME grain cart features an innovative design that increases operator comfort, improves unloading accuracy and will make your harvest more efficient. The 19-Series XTREME grain carts can truly take your harvest to the extreme!

Enhanced Line-Of-Sight!
  • Exclusive, forward-reaching, front-folding corner-auger increases the upper auger length for enhanced auger reach and height; This innovative design allows the operator to easily view the auger and downspout from the side window of the tractor cab, reducing fatigue and minimizing the risk of spilling
  • Unloading accuracy is optimized when the downspout is pointed straight down and the 19-Series XTREME grain cart provides up to 10 feet of auger side reach when in this position which reduces the risk of throwing grain off target
  • The upper auger folds within the width of the tank for safer road transport and features a field-rest stand for quick and convenient operation into the unload position
Increased Unloading Speed
  • The patent-pending auger design features a U-Joint transition that angles the upper auger upward and outward for increased side-reach and height
  • 21" diameter auger in the sump transitions into a 20" auger for increased unloading efficiency and unloading speeds up to 650 bushels per minute
  • Exclusive,single-point auger connection ensures the upper and lower augers are aligned and the patent-pending flighting wings provide a continuous flow of flighting for a smooth and efficient transfer of grain between the upper and lower auger
  • Electronic balancing of the upper and lower auger sections virtually eliminates vibration for long-term life
  • Exclusive, 7/16" thick extended-wear flighting with double flighting sections in the auger sump provide increased unloading efficiency and added durability for trouble-free operation
4-Way Downspout
  • 4-Way directional downspout provides nearly 4 feet of in-and-out and 4 feet of side-to-side control with minimal change in the discharge height for easily topping off trucks with limited tractor movement; 10 feet of auger side reach with the downspout pointed straight down minimizing the chance of throwing grain off target while unloading
  • The hydraulically driven gear motor on the downspout provides a smooth and responsive feel when adjusting from side-to-side
More Standard Features
  • Field rest bracket for the upper auger shortens the amount of time required to fold and unfold the auger when operating in-field
  • Dual spout-mounted LED unloading lights permit easy night time operation
  • The patented soft-start mechanism and auger timing ensure a smooth engagement for maximum grain flow and reduced driveline stress
  • The cushioned auger fold cylinder gently folds and unfolds the upper auger into the loading and transport position; When in the unload position, the hydraulic locking mechanism holds the upper and lower augers tightly together for a leak-free seal
Tank Construction
  • Tank features an exclusive deep sump design, which funnels grain down into the auger for fast and complete unloading
  • Industry-leading 40 degree front and 30 degree rear tank slopes and a graphite coated interior ensures complete cleanout and faster unloading speeds, regardless of grain moisture
  • Hydraulically operated 36" flow gate features a highly visible position indicator for easily controlling grain flow while unloading
  • Exclusive manufacturing process crimps side panels for added strength and exposed seams are silicone sealed for corrosion resistance
  • Durable, high-grade enamel paint is baked on in tractor red or green for a long-lasting and smooth, automotive-like finish
  • Conveniently located wheel-operated gravity unloading door located on the auger sump permits easy cleanout
  • Interior LED hopper work light for easy night time operation
  • Side mounted viewing ladder and front and rear shatterproof windows allow you to easily monitor tank contents
  • Standard transport chain, D.O.T. approved flashing LED taillights, side marker lights, reflective markings and SMV emblem for safer road transport
Reliability Built In
  • All models feature a cast 2" single-tang hitch with a smooth chamfer opening and bushings that fit numerous hitch pin sizes which allows the cart to trail smoothly
  • Exclusively designed, heavy-duty 45° gearbox features a 1 3/4" output shaft for trouble-free operation
  • Heavy-wall tubular steel main frame and axle, 12-gauge steel shell and 8-gauge steel underframe
  • Heavy-duty side-wind jack is easy to operate for convenient tractor hookup
High-Flotation Singles
  • Choose the right tire to fit your operation's needs with a wide variety of single tire size options depending on model: 1250/50x32 radial tires, 1050/50x32 radial tires, 900/60x32 or 900/65x32 radial tires.
Hydraulic Drives
  • Tongue-mounted for easy installation - the grain cart can still be operated with a PTO if desired
  • Two hydraulic motor capacities depending on model: 100 gallon per minute provides up to 375 bushel per minute unloading speeds and reuquires 3 sets of hydraulic ports; 55 gallon per minute provides up to 300 bushel per minute unloading speeds and requires 2 sets of hydraulic ports
Color Camera
  • 7" color, 12V monitor which mounts in the tractor cab
  • Sideboard mounted, weather-proof camera to monitor the unloading auger
  • Optional second color camera views rear traffic during transport
Auto-Greaser for Tracked Undercarriage
  • Reduce your daily maintenance on track undercarriages by automatically delivering small amounts of grease to each pivoting joint at more frequent intervals
  • Powered by an electric grease pump with a 2-liter grease reservoir and programmable grease intervals
  • Model Number: 1519
  • Capacity (bushels)*: 1550
  • Minimum Tractor HP: 300
  • Loaded Tongue Weight (lbs): 6500
  • Empty Tongue Weight (lbs): 3600
  • Auger Diameter: 21" into 20"
  • Unload Speed (bushels/min.): 650
  • Flighting Thickness: 7/16"
  • Hydraulic Remotes Required: 4
  • Front/Rear Slopes (degrees): 32/30
  • Hopper Length: 25' 4"
  • Hopper Width: 13' 8"
  • Auger Side Reach Max - Measured to Inside Edge of Rubber Spout: 9' 9"
  • Auger Side Reach Min - Measured to Inside Edge of Rubber Spout: 8' 4"
  • Hitch to Spout when Straight Down (forward reach) - Measured to Inside Edge of Rubber Spout: 1' 2"
  • Overall Transport Length: 31' 3"
  • Hitch to Center of Axle: 18' 6"
  • Measured Undercarriage: 42"x148" Equalizer Track
  • Empty Weight (lbs): 30800
  • Hitch Height: 1' 10"
  • Hopper Height Low Side: 11' 5"
  • Hopper Height High Side: 12' 5"
  • Auger Height with Spout Straight Down: 12' 9"
  • Height to Top of Auger in Unload Position: 17' 8"
  • Width Outside of Tracks: 13' 11"
  • Center of Track to Center of Track: 10' 5"
  • Under Frame Height: 1' 3"
* Capacities measured with #2 corn at 15% moisture, 56# test weight.



1550 Bushel
Loaded Tongue: 6500 lb.; Empty Tongue: 3600 lb.

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